Zoey is the older sister of Jacob and Megan. She has taken care of her siblings since before the loss of their father.

Zoey Mitchell
Zoey Mitchell
General Information
Full name Zoey Claire Sherry Mitchell
Nicknames Claire (by Jacob, Liv, and Maddie)

Sherry (by Joey)

Gender Female
Born date May 23rd 1995
Age 18
Resides in Stevens Point Wisconsin
Occupation Student
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Family Jacob Mitchell (brother)

Megan Mitchell (sister) Diggie (cousin) Sherry Mitchell (mother)

Relationships Joey Rooney (boyfriend)
Friends Liv Rooney (best friend)

Maddie Rooney (best friend) Joey Rooney (best friend) Willow (best friend)

School Ridgewood High
First appearance Sister-A-Rooney-
Last appearance TBA
Portrayed by Carleigh Beverly


Zoey is the older sister of Jacob and Megan and lives with her aunt in Stevens Point Wisconsin and is currently home schooled. Zoey is the only 18 year old in the family while both Jacob and Megan are both 16 years old making them younger by two years. She is friends with Liv and Maddie as well as Joey and Willow who are also friends of Jacob and Megan.


Zoey is a very nice girl and can be very artistic just like her brother. Zoey is not much of a basketball fan as she likes football a lot more.


Baby brother

Megan have you seen our brother?
I am really worried about Jacob Diggie.
Still playing basketball Jacob?
How is Jacob doing Liv?
Jacob and Megan are my siblings.

I love you little brother
- Sister-A-Rooney-

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