Oh... My... Rooney...
— Jacob and Josh

Wedding-A-Rooney is a episode of Liv and Maddie. This episode revolves around Liv and Maddie getting married.

Plot Edit

At the Rooney house Liv and Maddie get ready for their wedding and after they are done they head out the door. At the alter Liv tells Maddie she is extremely nervous and Jacob feeling the same. While Jacob and Josh wait for the twins they see Pete walking them down and Jacob's jaw dropped when he saw Liv in her wedding dress and he was almost in tears. After they say their vows Jacob and Josh kissed their wives and they left for the reception. At the reception Karen and Pete make a toast to their daughters and son-in-laws. While they were dancing Josh allowed Maddie to dance with Jacob and she was smiling at him and she told him welcome to the family big brother implying that she is happy Jacob is her brother-in-law and said that he can he hang out with her and Josh when ever he likes to.


  • Liv and Maddie get married in this episode, to Jacob and Josh
  • Willow is Maddie's maid of honour, whilst Andie is Liv's.
  • While Liv was walking down the isle with Pete Livin' on Love which is the song that played when they first met.