Tonnight-A-Rooney is an episode in Liv and Maddie. It revolves around Maddie and Josh's relationship and the song We've Got Tonight.


Although its not actually shown, its revealed that Maddie and Josh broke up briefly when they were 19 due to an unknown reason and eventually got back together when the song "We've Got Tonight" by Glee was playing, when they tell the story.


  • The title refers to the 1983 song "We've Got Tonite" by Bob Seger, although the Glee version is the version played and only featured.
  • Its revealed that when they were 19, Maddie and Josh briefly broke up due to an understanding, but then got back together a few weeks later, although the reason for their split is unknown.
  • Its another episode based around Josh and Maddie.
  • Josh and Maddie both suffered badly from their break up and couldn't focus properly in different ways. Madde couldn't play basketball properly and forgot how to play it, whereas Josh couldn't remember how to play Garrison in Voltage and it got to the point where he even forgot how to breathe.

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