I like Ani Maddie.
— Sherry confessing she likes Anakin
 Sherry Rooney (nee Chambers) (April 4 1992-September 14th 2015) was a childhood friend of Anakin's. She was born on April 4th 1992 to Jackson and Ashley Chambers. Sherry has a crush on Anakin and vice versa. During her elementary years she went to school with Anakin. She passed away a year after her wedding because of an illness.
Sherry Rooney (nee Chambers)
Alexa 4
General Information
Full name Sherry Veronica Rooney (nee Chambers)
Nicknames Share bear (by Anakin Rooney)

Mrs. Rooney (by Anakin Rooney)

Gender Female
Born date April 4th 1992
Age 25
Resides in Stevens Point Wisconsin

Green Bay Wisconsin (formerly)

Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Family Jackson Chambers (father)

Ashley Chambers (mother)

Liv Rooney (cousin-in-law)

Maddie Rooney (cousin-in-law)

Joey Rooney (cousin-in-law)

Parker Rooney (cousin-in-law)

Karen Rooney (aunt-in-law)

Pete Rooney (uncle-in-law)

Claire Rooney (mother-in-law)

Alexis Rooney (sister-in-law)

Relationships Anakin Rooney (husband) (2014-2015 until her death)
School Ridgewood High (formerly)

Ohio State University

Portrayed by Alexa Bliss


Sherry was born in Green Bay Wisconsin on April 4th 1997 to Ashley and Jackson Chambers. While she was a baby her mom found out her daughter is autistic and would freak out if there were fireworks near by. At the age of 9 Sherry met Anakin Rooney who was born four months before her in the same year. During her 13th birthday her feelings for Anakin got stronger and would rest on his shoulder and he knew at that time she likes him. After Anakin moved to North Carolina he heart was really broken and she wouldn't leave her room and her mom and dad tried telling her she will see him again. After 6 years she reunites with Anakin after his mother and sister died in a plane crash due to turbine failure. After being homeschooled she went to Ridgewood to attend her freshmen year with Anakin. Sherry calls Anakin her best friend and asked him if he likes a certain girl (her). She is very shy around Anakin as showen in Sherry-A-Rooney when she asks Anakin if she could sleep on his shoulder on the way home from school and he would rest on her head showing that he truely likes her. Sherry has often wore Anakin's jacket when she got cold in school. After high school she went to OSU with Anakin and after college she got engaged and married to Anakin. Sherry late was diagnosed with cancer and only had two days to live though she didn't make it through the night as she passed away at 24 years old causing Anakin to go insane.

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