Sherry Mitchell is the mother of Jacob and Megan Mitchell. She is played by Holly Arielle.

Sherry Mitchell
General Information
Full name Sherry Mitchell
Nicknames Cherry
Gender Female
Born date 1974
Age 42
Resides in Stevens Point Wisconsin
Occupation Gym teacher
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Family Jacob Mitchell (son)

Megan Mitchell (daughter)

Portrayed by Holly Arielle


Sherry is the mother of Jacob Mitchell and is very close to her only son. She gets a job at Ridgewood High as the gym teacher and as Jacob's personal helper. Sherry is described as being really loving towards Jacob as showen to everyone in his school and that she is very caring. Sherry can also watch over Jacob but is also wanting him back home but since his father gave him away she isn't able to get him back.


Jacob Mitchell- Sherry first and only son is the person she interacts with the entire time when she visits him at his foster home with Claire. Jacob really likes having his mother at Ridgewood to always help him with his school work.

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