General Information
Full name Ruby
Gender Female
Born date June 14th 2006
Age 10
Resides in Los Angeles California
Occupation Student
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Family Jacob Mitchell (cousin-in-law)
Liv Rooney (cousin)
Maddie Rooney (cousin)
Joey Rooney (cousin)
Parker Rooney (cousin)
Aunt Dena (mother)
Karen Rooney (aunt)
Pete Rooney (uncle)
Anakin Rooney (brother)
Josh Willcox (cousin-in-law0
Jacob Mitchell (cousin-in-law)
First appearance Sorta Sisters-A-Rooney
Portrayed by Lauren Lindsey Donsis
Gallery for Ruby

Ruby is the Rooney's cousin from California. She will follow in Liv's footsteps and become an actress

She is portrayed by Lauren Lindsey Donzis.

Personality Edit

Ruby is energetic, fearless, and outgoing. She's enthusiastic and optimistic but has another side where she is sassy and tough and not one to back down from a fight.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ruby has long brown hair with brown eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Ruby and Liv will be cast mates in Liv's new TV series, .
  • Her name was originally Skye.
  • Ruby becomes the new main character in Season 4, replacing Pete.
  • She spent the summer before the Rooney's arrival in California in Africa with her grandmother Janice.
  • Her role on "Sing It Louder!!" is Sasha, a resident of Hoover House at Monahan Academy.
  • She has been getting close to her in-law Jacob Mitchell.
  • She's a huge fan of Voltage and acts nervous around Josh.
  • She learns about Jacob's family and felt so bad for him.
  • She and Jacob are normally in her room drawing or stuff.
  • Ruby got Jacob a Cleveland Browns football for his 25th birthday.



Jacob MitchellEdit


Jacob is Ruby's cousin-in-law and best friend forever. When Jacob came to stay with her and her mom she was excited to see him. Ruby has been getting closer to Jacob over time and has developed a bond with him. On Jacob's 25th birthday they spent most of the time either watching movies, playing video games or making pictures.

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