Race-A-Rooney is a episode of Liv and Maddie. Jacob gets an opportunity to drag race while he is filming with Josh.

Plot Edit

Jacob gets a visit from his uncle on his dad's side of the family and he gives Jacob a drag racing opportunity. Liv and Maddie walk into the room and were in shock because he accepted the offer. Maddie later asks what the offer was about and Jacob said he is going to be drag racing for a bit and she was shocked as he doesn't like loud noises. Later on Liv's agent Becky arrives to deliver bad news that could break Jacob's heart in which it is that the director of the spy film rejected him and this broke Liv's heart. After Jacob came home Liv told him the bad news and he was so angry he stormed out the house and went to Josh and Maddie's house and broke the news to Josh and Josh doesn't understand why and Maddie heard the entire conversation and when she looked at Jacob she was angry he didn't get the part either and said they made a mistake not picking him. At Dena's house Dena and Becky suggested that Jacob should remain on Linda and Heather which he agrees to as he rather be on a show with his cousin then be somewhere were a director doesn't want him. Later at the set of the spy movie Josh tells the director how angry he is and threatens to leave if he didn't hire Jacob and the director refused to so Josh leaves the film.

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