Prom-A-Rooney is a episode of Liv and Maddie


Ridgewood is having their prom but Jacob is mixed if he is going to go with Liv or just stay home, so Maddie begs him to go because she really wants him there. Liv prepares for prom and calls Jacob to see if he's going but he decides to go and dance with both her and Maddie. Diggie later realizes Jacob needs her because he really cares about her. While Jacob dances with Liv he tells her he really cares about her and he was thinking sharing their first kiss while they dance and everyone including Diggue was watching him. Jacob eventually kisses Liv and Liv tells Jacob she loves him and will never stop loving him. Maddie hugs Jacob and tells him her parents invited him to live with them which he thinks is a bad idea because him and Liv are dating but Karen and Pete said he is allowed to date Liv in the same house.


  • This is the first time Jacob and Liv tell each other they love one another.
  • Both Liv and Maddie wear blue dresses.
  • Jacob tells Liv he really cares about her.
  • Jacob and Liv share their first kiss.

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