Parker Rooney
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General Information
Full name Parker Rooney
Nicknames P-Train (by Bernard)
Doctor P (by Reggie, Evan, Dump Truck and himself)
Parkster (by Splat)
Little Calf, Dude, Parker Pants (by Maddie)
Buddy (by Holden)
Gumball Machine (by Dump Truck)


Gender Male
Born date May 24, 2002 Season 1 (10-11)
Season 2 (11-12)
Season 3 (12-13)
Season 4 (13-14)
Age 16
Resides in Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Occupation Student
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Family Karen Rooney (mother)
Pete Rooney (father)
Liv Rooney (sister)
Maddie Rooney (sister)
Joey Rooney (brother)
Dina (aunt)
Great-Gran (deceased)
Josh Willcox (brother-in-law)
Jacob Mitchell (brother-in-law)
Friends Val Wishart (Close Friend/Crush/Girlfriend)
Josh Willcox
Dump Truck
Linda Jackson
Heather Davis
First appearance "Twin-A-Rooney"
Portrayed by Tenzing Norgay Trainor
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Parker Rooney is the youngest child of the Rooney family and is 15 years old. He seems to be a bit adventurous and courageous. He also has a blue belt in karate and his skills are very good. He helped Evan earn his blue belt too and reveal his "inner dragon". He likes video games, just like his brother Joey, and also throwing sleepovers with his friends or his "dojo buddies".

Parker is portrayed by Tenzing Norgay Trainor.


Parker is a funny, nice, adventurous and courageous boy. He likes helping his friends, and likes joking around and having fun. He is very good at karate, he has a blue belt, and helped Evan earn his blue belt and release his "inner dragon" too. He and his older brother, Joey share a room, colloquially called the "bro cave".


Parker is a young boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is quite skinny and fairly short. He also has tanned skin. Parker usually is seen in a regular T-Shirt and pants. He is also usually seen with the front of his hair gelled up.


  • He likes playing video games.
  • He is very good at karate.
  • He has a blue belt in karate.
  • Evan is one of his best friends and dojo buddies, even though Evan is 9 years old, they get along well.
  • Parker nicknamed Joey "Munch".
  • In "Sleep-A-Rooney", it is revealed that he was 6 when Liv left for Hollywood.
  • It was also revealed that he wore choo-choo train pajamas.
  • In "Sleep-A-Rooney" He wanted his friends to talk about his sleepover party at recess, so he could get invited to other sleepover parties.
  • He invented his own super-glue, but it wasn't good.
  • He also helped Evan earn his blue belt in "Slump-A-Rooney".
  • He is good friends with Bernard.
  • Parker also nicknamed Bernard "Tree Top".


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