Panic-A-Rooney is an episode of Liv and Maddie. It revolves around Maddie experiencing her first seizure in years, since she was a child.


Maddie experiences another one of her seizures - her first one since she was a child - and is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jacob is offered another movie role in New York City. While Liv returns home she finds her husband crying but she did not know it was because of what happened to Maddie. As Maddie lies in a hospital bed Josh and everyone see that Maddie is not well and needs help. While Becky visits the family she tells Jacob that he should take the offer and go to New York to film but with a twist which was no one he is close to can join him not even Liv upsetting both of them.


  • Its revealed that Maddie used to have seizures when she was a child and always had to go to the hospital.
  • Josh finds out about Maddie's seizures and at first thinks she is sleepwalking.
  • Jacob is offered another movie role.
  • The title references that Jacob and Josh are panicking about Maddie.
  • Jacob decided to take the offer only if Liv or someone he loves can be in the movie with him.

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