Megan is the sister of Jacob Mitchell.

Megan Mitchell
General Information
Full name Megan Kagome Mitchell
Nicknames Kagome (by Liv)

Meg (by Jacob)

Gender Female
Born date October 7th, 1997 8:50PM
Age 16
Resides in Stevens Point Wisconsin
Occupation Student
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Family Jacob Mitchell (brother)
Friends Liv (best friend)

Maddie (best friend)

School Ridgewood High


Megan is the younger sister of Jacob and has a very close bond with him. When Megan first came to Ridgewood she put reuniting with Jacob after years of being trapped with her parents. She tries out for the girls basketball team but is denid by Pete who is unaware of her being Jacob's sister, but then tries out for the new cheerleading program and only joined so she can see Jacob play basketball. She was born on the same day as her older brother and at the same time making her younger though they are both 16 so they invite their friends and Jacob only invites Liv because he cannot invite Diggie because he isn't the best on terms with him since he is dating Maddie. Megan has seperation issues when she gets sepereted from Jacob like when was sent to the foster home in Stevens Point and wanted to be with him. Megan started Ridgewood High a day after Jacob and is in all of his classes except for gym because she is placed in art class that lets her create art of her brother with her and Liv even Maddie. She has been getting picked on at school by Williow for no reason. During the second semester at Ridgewood she does gym and her brother does art class but when the art program gets cut Megan and her brother are in gym class every day. Megan starts losing her eyesight so with the help of her foster mother Claire taking her to the eye doctor Megan requests glasses.




Megan and Jacob share a really special bond with each other. Megan became really attached to her brother seeing as when he was sent to a foster home and not her she really hated her parents for it and wants her brother back.

Liv Rooney Edit

(best friend)

Megan and Liv are best friends and they both have something in common which is the fact they both care about Jacob.

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