Linda Mitchell
General Information
Full name Linda Josephine Mitchell
Nicknames Lilly (by Jacob)

Baby cousin (Jacob)
Jo (by Maddie)
Ms. Mitchell (by her teachers)
Sweetie (by Jasmine)

Gender Female
Born date September 24th, 1991 9:00 AM
Age 27
Occupation Actress
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Pink (wig)
Family Jacob Mitchell (cousin)
Friends Liv Rooney
Heather Davis
Affiliations Linda and Heather
First appearance Cousin-A-Rooney (Liv and Maddie)
Happy 16th Birthday Jacob (Liv and Maddie: The Story of Jiv)
Happy birthday Jacob (Liv and Maddie: The Jaddie Chronicles)
Portrayed by Emmy Buckner

Linda Josephine Mitchell is the cast mate of Jacob, Liv and Heather. She is the cousin of Jacob.


Linda lives with her mom Jasmine. She is the niece of Alyson and Kevin Mitchell and the cousin of Jacob Mitchell. Eventually Linda finds out about her aunt and uncle's death and wanted her mom to take Jacob in and Jasmine agreed to that. She became an actress and asked Jacob if he wants to be in a show with her, but he declined it. Linda cares deeply about her family and her cousin.


Linda is a sweet and innocent girl who loves her mother very much a long with Jacob her cousin. She grew up with Jacob and vice versa. Linda can be mean if her cousin is being bullied in school. She likes to listen to some of rock music with Jacob sometimes over their week off from school. She is a hugger and does hug her cousin even when he is angry because it can sometimes calm Jacob down and she does that because she loves him. Linda is very bubbly and will hug her family members at times, but most of the time she hugs Jacob.  


  • Linda is the cousin of the Mitchell family.
  • She wants to bring Jacob out of retirement.
  • Linda's song that she likely shares with her cousin is Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas.
  • She died her hair pink.
  • Her mom's name is Jasmine.
  • She is the niece of the deceased Veronica and Matthew Mitchell.
  • Linda cares about her cousin Jacob more then her own life.
  • She asked Jacob if she liked her new hair color and he said yes.
  • She knew about Jacob's crush on Liv before he started dating her.
  • She and Heather have their own show - Linda and Heather.
  • Linda attended both Jacob's graduation and wedding.
  • Her nickname is Lilly.
  • Her full name is Linda Josephine Jackson.
  • She loves her cousin very much.
  • Linda often tickles Jacob's stomach and hugs him.
  • She is 25 years old.
  • Her dad died of a heart attack when she was 13.
  • She is currently at Ohio State University.
  • Linda often took care of Jacob when he got sick.
  • She went to Ridgewood with her cousin.
  • Linda is very bubbly and sweet.


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