Karen Rooney
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General Information
Full name Karen Rooney
Nicknames Mom (by Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker)
Honey (by Pete)
Kare-Bear (by Pete)
Super Cool Mom (by herself)
Gender Female
Resides in Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Occupation School Psychologist
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Brown
Family Pete Rooney (husband)
Liv Rooney (daughter)
Maddie Rooney (daughter)
Joey Rooney (son)
Parker Rooney (son)
Dena (sister)
Gran (deceased)
Josh Willcox (son-in-law)
Jacob Mitchell (son-in-law)
Daniel Willcox (grandson)
Maddie Mitchell (granddaughter)
Relationships Pete Rooney (husband)
Affiliations Ridgewood High
First appearance "Twin-A-Rooney"
Portrayed by Kali Rocha
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Karen Rooney is the mother of Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker and is married with Pete Rooney. She is also the school psychologist at Ridgewood High, the school that Liv, Maddie and Joey attend. Her husband, Pete also works at Ridgewood High, he is the basketball coach. She loves her family and is very happy with her life.

Karen is portrayed by Kali Rocha.


Karen is Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker's mother, and is the wife of Pete Rooney. She is the school psychologist at Ridgewood High and a working mom of her four children. Karen is the ideal mom to manage the competing personalities of her twins, Liv and Maddie. She is shown to be a nice and thoughtful mother but can be overprotective of her children. She tends to take the fact that they are a family more seriously than the others. Basically, she wants to know what the kids are thinking and let them be a family.


Karen has hazel eyes and medium and wavy dark brown hair. She is usually dressed in more professional clothes than her husband, but when she is not working, she dresses more casual and comfortable.


  • She is the mother of Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker.
  • She is married happily with her husband, Pete Rooney.
  • Karen created the "Family meetings".
  • She is the school psychologist at Ridgewood High.
  • Karen was so upset the first time the girls pretended to be each other, she punished the girls by writing their names in permanent marker on their foreheads.
  • In "Move-A-Rooney", she got the newest smart phone, and also asked Joey and arker to show her how to use it and some "cool apps" to download.
  • She calls herself a "super cool mom".
  • She loves watching BCC's "Downton Abbey".
  • She and Maddie take part in the historical society’s annual mother-daughter weekend of pioneer living every year.
  • She doesn't like Bree at all.
  • Pete called her "Kare-Bear".
  • She likes helping people and talking to them to make them feel better.
  • She offered to help Willow in "Slump-A-Rooney" forget about Joey.
  • She's a licensed therapist.
  • Besides her degrees in psychology, she also has a degree in philosophy (Slump-A-Rooney).
  • She doesn't seem to get along with her sister, Dena. Karen is also the older sister out of the two. (Californi-A-Rooney)


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