Joey Rooney
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General Information
Full name Joseph Rooney
Nicknames Joey (by everyone)
Munch (by Parker)
Joe (formerly)
Baby J (formerly)
J-dog (formerly)
Beautiful Little Rat (Principal Kneebauer)
Cat Shirt Guy (by everyone at school)
Jo (by Maddie)
Man (by Holden)
Little Man (by Willow)
Gender Male
Born date June 14, 1995
Season 1 (14)
Season 2 (15)
Season 3 (16)
Season 4 (17)
Age 23
Resides in Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Occupation Student
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Family Karen Rooney (mother)
Pete Rooney (father)
Liv Rooney (sister)
Maddie Rooney (sister)
Parker Rooney (brother)
Dina (aunt)
Great-Gran (deceased)
Josh Willcox (best friend, brother-in-law)
Jacob Mitchell (brother-in-law)
Relationships Willow (Girlfriend)
Skylar (crush)
Josh Willcox (best friend, brother-in-law)
Skippy Ramirez (close friend)
Holden Dippldorf (good friend)
School Ridgewood High
Affiliations Happy Carrot
First appearance "Twin-A-Rooney"
Portrayed by Joey Bragg
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Joseph "Joey" Rooney is the younger brother of Liv and Maddie, and the older brother of Parker, making him the middle child of the family. He is a typical 9th grader who loves playing video games and the "Space Werewolves" book series. He seems to like adventures and have fun. He cares a lot about his reputation and always competes with Artie, his "frenemy".

Joey is portrayed by Joey Bragg.


Joey is a young and adventurous boy who loves playing video games and having fun, sometimes even breaking the rules. He is a nice and funny guy and flirts with every girl he likes, but he never succeeded before.


Joey has brown eyes, brown hair and wears black-rimmed glasses. He usually dresses in casual, geekly-chic clothes.


  • Joey is the middle child of the family.
  • Joey has the same first name as the actor who portrays him, Joey Bragg.
  • He wishes he had a twin named Michael.
  • He and Maddie are the only ones in the family to wear glasses.
  • Willow has a crush on him.
  • He is in the ninth grade.
  • He loves playing video games.
  • He is a "Space Werewolves" fan.
  • Willow said that Maddie reminds her of Joey.
  • He got a Z-Phone, but it ultimately broke in the end.
  • He can be afraid of Diggie sometimes.
  • Diggie chose him and Skippy Ramirez to be Paulie's protectors in "Dodge-A-Rooney".
  • Joey taught Skippy to skateboard.
  • Willow thought he was her secret admirer in "Slump-A-Rooney".
  • He had a crush on Skylar.
  • Parker calls him "Munch".
  • Jo-Jo Chambers calls him "Jo-Jo".
  • He work at Happy Carrot.
  • He has three chest hairs.
  • He tells people he shaves.
  • He calls Liv "Hollywood".
  • Bernard helped him become Joey 2.5, and an incredibly fit version of himself.
  • In season 3, Joey becomes best friends with Liv's co-star and Maddie's boyfriend (later husband), Josh Willcox
  • In SkyVolt-A-Rooney, Joey realises he likes Willow and they become a couple.
  • Joey has a recurring role on Voltage as Jax Von Hepsberg, a friend to Garrison and Joey continues this role in his and Josh's home made movie, Jax & Max. He also becomes a main cast member on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives as Mark Jonson, with Josh who plays Tripp Dalton.


List of filmography
Film Role Notes
Voltage Jax Von Hepsberg Recurring role
Jax & Max Jax Von Hepsberg Main role
Days of Our Lives Mark Johnson Main role


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