Jiv is the pairing of Jacob Mitchell and Liv Rooney.


Jacob and Liv met each other in Hollywood when Liv was filming Sing It Loud and when Jacob was filming Country Life. Jacob develops a massive crush on Liv and Liv develops a massive crush on him, though their aunts have to meet each other first but it was up to Liv's mother and Karen wants to talk to Jacob first and she eventually approves of him and Liv dating. Several years have passed and Jacob was offered to move to Wisconsin to live with Diggie which of who is related to Jacob. Jacob tells Liv about himself such as his anger problems and that his own dad left him and his mom because Mr. Mitchell cheated on Sherry with another woman and Liv tells him about herself.


  • Jacob and Liv have been dating since they lived in Hollywood.
  • Liv told Jacob she loved him and has never stopped loving him.

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