Jaddie is the pairing of Jacob and Maddie Rooney.


Jacob and Maddie are cousins who live hours apart from each other. Jacob seems to love Maddie the most as she loves him a lot too and they both really care about each other. Maddie offers her cousin to go to Ridgewood High with her and the others so he can join the male basketball team but he tells her that he is doing MMA instead because its the only way to channel his anger. Jacob gets into Ridgewood and on his first day Jacob made two new friends Willow and Diggie who both thought Jacob was Maddie's boyfriend but she tells them that he is her cousin. Jacob later puts the letters J L and M (Jacob, Liv, and Maddie) because he loves his cousins so much. Maddie got Jacob a pair of sunglasses which he wears inside the school and at his house. Both Jacob and Maddie sometimes talk about his feelings for Megan.


  • Jacob and Maddie rarely ever fight.
  • Maddie said when Jacob and her were both 12 they were always following each other around.
  • Jacob does MMA and Maddie doesn't think its a good idea since he could be too dangerous around people and could really hurt someone.
  • They both agree on somethings but not everything.
  • Maddie doesn't like the fact Jacob is asking Liv for advice on how to talk to Megan because she wants to help him instead.
  • Jacob said he loves Maddie a few times and has even said it in school in the hallway near the lockers.
  • Maddie helps Jacob designing his locker and also helps him store family photos in there.

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