You're fired!
— Jacob
Jacob Mitchell
General Information
Full name Jacob Dean Mitchell
Nicknames Big brother (by Maddie)
Hubby (by Liv)
Jake (by Dena and Ruby)
Dude (by Josh)
Ding dong (by Liv)
Rambo (by Linda)
Bear bear (by Maddie)
Jakeybear (by Maddie)
Gender Male
Born date September, 27th 1992 8:50 PM
Age 24
Resides in Stevens Point Wisconsin (formerly)
Los Angles (currently)
Occupation Actor
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Family Liv Rooney (wife)
Megan Mitchell (sister, deceased)
Maddie Rooney (sister-in-law)
Karen Rooney (mother-in-law)
Pete Rooney (father-in-law)
Joey Rooney (brother-in-law)
Parker Rooney (brother-in-law)
Linda (cousin)
Heather (cousin)
Zoey Mitchell (sister, deceased)
Veronica Mitchell (mother, deceased)
Matthew Mitchell (father, deceased)
Maddie Mitchell (daughter)
Lucas Mitchell (son)
Relationships Liv Rooney (Wife)
Friends Maddie Rooney (best friend)
Willow (best friend)
Josh Willcox (best friend) Linda (best friend)
School Ridgewood High
Affiliations Voltage
Portrayed by Jacob Lyons

Jacob Dean Mitchell is the first and only son of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and is married to Liv Rooney. He jokes around with his friends by saying they're fired.

Jacob is portrayed by Jacob Lyons


Jacob is a 19 year old boy that was born and raised in Hollywood to Jessica and Matthew. His parents and sisters died when he was young and he lived with his aunt Jasmine and cousins Linda and Heather. He meets Liv at 11 years old and begins having a crush on. He became an actor because of Liv, but he later retired because Liv had moved back home to Wisconsin. Later at 14 his house caught on fire trapping his parents and sisters inside so after the incident he moved in with his aunt Jasmine and cousins Linda and Heather. Later on he moves to Steven's Point and was enrolled into Ridegwood where he reunits with Liv and meets Maddie and Joey. Over his high school years he made some new friends such as Willow.


Jacob is kind and caring kid who does have anger issues and will get mad if someone talks about his wife, sister-in-law, Josh and his brother-in-laws.





Megan was Jacob's sister who died in the house fire along with their parents and Zoey.

Liv Edit


Jacob and Liv (shipped as Jiv) had been dating each other since Jacob was in Hollywood filming Country Life and getting his education at a school. When Jacob moved in with Claire his foster mom he was living a few miles from where Liv and Maddie live. Jacob made a special headband for Liv. Jacob claims Liv will be his wife in the future because he loves her truly and wants to be with her forever. They get married in Wedding-A-Rooney along side with Josh and Maddie. Jacob often calls a ding dong because she is acting silly.

Maddie RooneyEdit


Jacob and Maddie seem to have gotten closer since Jacob had became a new student at Ridgewood. Maddie helps Jacob with his issues of being around people and being shy around her. Jacob and Maddie get along really well and are always having each others backs. She became Jacob's sister-in-law in Wedding-A-Rooney. After Liv and Jacob get married at the reception Maddie dances with Jacob. Maddie finds it funny when he says she's fired. Maddie told Jacob it is not worth beating up Diggie for breaking her heart, but she knew Jacob is very protective of her and Liv.


(cousin/best friend)

Jacob and Linda are cousins. After his parents and sisters died when their house burned down he moved in with his aunt Jasmine and Linda happened to live there with her. One day he accidently called her Lilly and every since then she kept that as a nickname because it reminds her of how much her cousin means to her. Jacob considers Linda as his best friend of the family.



Ruby is Jacob's cousin-in-law and is very close to him. Jacob claims that Ruby reminds him of his younger sister Megan who died with his parents in the fire and has accidently called her Megan plenty of times. Ruby told Jacob that she saw him on Voltage with Liv, Josh and Maddie one day and asked why he became an actor again and he said its because Liv begged him to be and so he came out of retirement.

Aunt DenaEdit


Jacob is Aunt Dena's nephew-in-law. When Jacob returned home to California she let him and Liv stay with her until Jacob's new movie was finished. Dena is always willing to help her nephew-in-law with his problems. Jacob met Dena when Liv started dating him.

Karen RooneyEdit


Karen is Jacob's mother-in-law. She knew about him before Jacob met her and she already was pleased on how much he loves her daughter Liv. Jacob loves his mother-in-law a lot and is happy to be a part of her family. Karen helped Jacob through school and at home and was happy to hear that after 8 years of dating Liv that his going to marry her. After the wedding Jacob sat down with Karen and her family.


Josh WillcoxEdit

(best friend)

Josh is one of Jacob's best friends. Jacob has Josh's back no matter the situation and told him make sure he keeps his baby sister safe from danger. Josh learns the ways and rules of football and they have a 2 on 2 game against Liv and Maddie which they won by 22 points and the girls lost with 16 points. Once in a while Josh tries calming Jacob down when he is angry. In Spy-A-Rooney Josh asked Jacob if he wants to be his sidekick in his new movie. Jacob accepts the offer in Back-A-Rooney, becoming Josh's co-star in his movie.

Willow CruzEdit

Willow is one of Jacob's best friends. They have been best friends since high school and Willow is one of Jacob's biggest fans. Willow kept Jacob from getting into trouble which Jacob has never been in trouble in school or at home.


Jacob: Hi Liv!


We're in-laws now Maddie.

Love you too baby sister.
Liv is the greatest girl I ever met.

Oh Liv you silly girl.


Oh hey Linda!

Yeah I just miss my family.
I love you too Liv.

Oh Madds! You're my kid sister.


  • He hates his middle name.
  • His favourite movie of all time is Full Metal Jacket.
  • Jacob joins Liv on Linda and Heather, but when Liv sees Heather kissing her husband for a scene she gets mad at her.
  • He will not let anything happen to Liv, Maddie, Joey, Parker, Linda, Josh or Heather.
  • Jacob met Liv in Hollywood, at the age of 11, and they were together for 8 years, before getting married at the age of 19.
  • He names his daughter after his sister-in-law Maddie.
  • Gemma hires him to play a villain on Voltage though Jacob didn't know that he was fighting Liv's character on the show, but after he had to throw Liv he felt guilty because he "hurt" her and he didn't come out of his and Liv's room for a long time since then.
  • He meets Josh's sister Amy who seems to remind him of Megan.
  • One day Jacob was compared to Dean Winchester of Supernatural as he is sometimes sarcastic.
  • His middle name is Dean.
  • He likes to "fire" his friends.
  • His catchphrase is "You're fired".
  • His favourite characters in Street Fighter II are Guile and Ryu.
  • Jacob has been known to have racist tendencies, often screaming "Nigger!" at the sight of a black man in public.
  • Jacob decides to move to North Carolina with Liv.
  • He plays a character on Voltage named John.
  • After Maddie tells Jacob that he doesn't always be around her and Josh. Jacob started keeping her away from him.
  • Jacob likes the movie Grease.
  • He has Attention Deficit Disorder
  • He likes to work out.
  • He only lost by a point in 1 on 1 basketball against Maddie.
  • One day Jacob was running and he heard his foot snap and broke it.
  • He's the oldest out of Liv, Josh and Maddie.
  • He moves to California and stays with Ruby and Aunt Dena for a few months.
  • His attachment to Liv seems to be getting stronger as their marriage goes on.
  • He works with Josh on two projects - Voltage and Spy2The50's.
  • He decided to work on Linda and Heather with his cousin Linda.
  • He learns his aunt Jasmine had passed away of a heart attack.
  • Jacob taught the twins Josh, Willow, Joey, Parker, Pete, Diggie and Linda how to play football.
  • He almost lost to Linda's team in football by a point.
  • His favorite person is Liv.
  • He often calls Liv a ding dong.
  • He can get very violent if he gets too angry. Jasmine, Linda, Liv, Maddie, Willow, Josh, Parker, Joey, Pete, Aunt Dena, Karen and Ruby try helping him calm down
  • He got the nickname Rambo from Linda because of how many times he has watched Rambo.
  • His character on Linda and Heather is named after Spyro the Dragon. His character is the love intrest for Heather as Linda is Jacob's cousin.

Fictional filmographyEdit

List of filmography
Film Role
Voltage Rayden/John
Country Life Christopher Watkins
Walker Jason Walker
Country Life: The Series Christopher Watkins
Ryu Ryu
 The Long Run Lucas Brooks
Spy2The50's Alexander Wentworth
Linda and Heather Spryo

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