Jacob Lyons (born May 8th 1995) is a high school student with a lot of anger issues and has ADD. 

Jacob Lyons
Biographical Information
Full name Jacob Lyons
Born date May 8th 1995
Age 21
Nationality American
Nicknames Jake
Occupation None
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Role Jacob Mitchell


Jacob was born in 1995 is the second child of four. During his life he has grown into caring about school and his friends along side his teachers mostly school in general. He went to Steveson Elementary school in Heath Ohio up until his fourth grade year where was expelled and sent to a behavioral school and is currently still there until he graduates from his senior year.


  • He enjoys drawing movies and video games 
  • He dreams of becoming a professional football player.
  • He was nicknamed Mario because he plays the Super Mario series 
  • He loves writing stories he is currently working on his story about a character who has a crush on Cat Valentine.
  • He listens to classic rock music and country music. 
  • His all time favorite rock bands are Fleetwood Mac and Heart.
  • He wants to attend OSU to learn how to speak Japanese and three other languages.
  • His favorite movies of all time are the RoboCop and Star Wars films His all time favorite movie character is Anakin Skywalker.
  • His favorite video game character of all time is Mario.
  • His favorite racing game on any system is the Jet Moto series.
  • He became a Christian.
  • He really likes having friends.
  • He doesn't like seeing people in pain.
  • He his favorite Marvel hero is Wolverine.

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