Heather Davis
General Information
Full name Heather Stephanie Davis
Nicknames Steph (by Jacob)
Gender Female
Born date February 11th 1992
Age 25
Resides in Hollywood California
Occupation Actress
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Blue (wig)
Family Veronica Davis (mother)
Andrew Davis (father)
Friends Jacob Mitchell (best friend)
Linda Jackson
Affiliations Linda and Heather
Portrayed by Shelby Wulfert

Heather Stephanie Davis is one of the cast members of Linda and Heather.


Heather was born in 1992 to Andrew and Veronica Davis and is a only child. She is the best friend of fellow actor Jacob Mitchell who she knew since the sixth grade and had known about his anger issues. Heather stars on Linda and Heather with Linda.


Heather is a very friendly girl who always looks out for her friends and family and is quite perky at times. She is also sometimes very emotional and sensitive, especially when she watches romantic (especially sad romantic) movies.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Heather has dark brown eyes and blonde hair, with fashionable style clothing. She is also sometimes seen wearing her blue wig and brightly coloured outfits when she films her show, Linda and Heather.



Veronica DavisEdit


Andrew DavisEdit



Jacob MitchellEdit

Jacob is a friend of Heather's. They met in the 6th grade three years before Jacob moved to Wisconsin after his family died in a horrible fire. During their 8th grade year Jacob taught Heather how to play football.


  • Heather is an only child.
  • She stars on a TV show called Linda and Heather, and her character has the same name as her.
  • Heather is shown to be quite fashionable.
  • She is very sensitive and loves romantic movies.
  • Her middle name is Stephanie.
  • One day in 8th grade she got hurt and Jacob rushed over to help her.
  • Heather asked Jacob to join Linda and Heather no pun intended.


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