Gone-A-Rooney is a episode of Liv and Maddie.


At Ridgewood High Jacob talks to his mom on his cell phone and she is telling him she has costady to him again and that they are moving back to Hollywood. Maddie eventually talks to Jacob after over hearing them and tries to talk to him out of leaving Ridgewood High and Liv. After school Jacob heads over to the Rooney's house and tells Pete, Joey, Parker, and Karen that he is leaving and doesn't want Liv to know because he doesn't want it to make it hard for her to see him leaving. When Liv entered the living room Jacob explains to Liv that he is going back to Hollywood with his mom but he refuses to leave Liv behind. Jacob doesn't show up at school for the prom the following night because he moved the night before prom leaving Liv and Maddie really upset though Maddie blamed Liv for Jacob leaving because she was too 'mean' to him when Liv was very nice to Jacob. Jacob really loves his girlfriend and always have loved her as she always loved him.


  • Liv and Maddie are both really upset Jacob had left Ridgewood.
  • Out of both Liv and Maddie, Maddie cried the most because Jacob has always spent time with her.

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