Elizabeth Lyons is a character on Liv and Maddie. She is portrayed by Sophia Bush.

Elizabeth Lyons
General Information
Full name Elizabeth Lyons
Nicknames Beth
Gender Female
Born date October 16th 1991
Age 25
Resides in Charleston West Virginia
Occupation Country singer
cheerleader (formerly)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Relationships Anakin Rooney (Fiancé)
Portrayed by Sophia Bush


Elizabeth was born on October 16th 1991 and is currently residing in Charleston West Virginia. She had a husband who she caught cheating on her and they later divorced in 2015 and she never had a date since until she sees long time friend and retired MMA fighter Anakin Rooney who she had a crush on for years. Elizabeth starts dating Jacob in early 2016 after Sherry had passed away. She was a cheerleader in high school

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