Danny Willcox
General Information
Full name Daniel Thomas Willcox
Nicknames Danny (by everyone)
Sweetie (by both Maddie and Josh)
Gender Male
Born date September 2, 2016
Age 0
Eye color Green
Hair color Dirty Blonde
Family Maddie Rooney (mother)
Josh Willcox (father)
Liv Rooney (aunt)
Jacob Mitchell (uncle)
Maddie Mitchell (cousin)
Joey Rooney (uncle)
Parker Rooney (uncle)
Pete Rooney (grandfather)
Karen Rooney (grandmother)
Sarah Willcox (grandmother)
Mike Willcox (grandfather)
Amy Willcox (aunt)
First appearance Reveal-A-Rooney

Daniel "Danny" Thomas Willcox is the son to Maddie and Josh Willcox. He is conserved in Opportunity-A-Rooney and born in Reveal-A-Rooney.


Maddie RooneyEdit


Maddie really loves Daniel and is very protective of him. She likes to make sure she can see him all the time.

Josh WillcoxEdit


Like Maddie, Josh really loves Daniel and sees him as another reminder of his love for Maddie. Josh is protective of Daniel like Maddie and hopes to teach him about baseball when he's older.


  • His full name is Daniel Thomas Willcox. He was originally gonna have Brandon as his middle name after Josh's favourite baseball player, Brandon Crawford, but Josh and Maddie later decided against the name.
  • Daniel is only a few days younger than his cousin, Maddie Mitchell.
  • His birthday is September 2nd.
  • Everyone refers Daniel to Danny.
  • Daniel has his mother's eyes and his father's hair colour.
  • Daniel's favourite wrestler is Finn Balor.
  • He was conserved in Opportunity-A-Rooney and born in Reveal-A-Rooney.
  • He is named after Danny Zuko from the film, Grease, one of Maddie and Josh's favourite movies.
  • Danny saw his uncle Jacob and aunt Liv kissing and he admitted it was gross.


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