Dance-A-Rooney is an episode in Liv and Maddie. It involves Josh, Maddie, Liv and Jacob attending a live performance based upon the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing, where it involves music from the movie.


Liv and Maddie attend a 1960's movie performance with their boyfriend's, which is about the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing and they all enjoy it, especially because it features the original movie soundtrack. In the end, Josh and Maddie share their very first kiss during a dance to the theme of the movie, (I've Had) The Time of My Life.


  • Although Dirty Dancing is an 80's movie, it is set in 1963.
  • Maddie and Josh share their very first kiss in this episode.
  • The music from the official soundtrack featured songs like:
  1. (I've Had) The Time of My Life
  2. Do You Love Me
  3. Be My Baby
  4. Hungry Eyes
  5. She's Like the Wind and many more from the soundtrack.
  • Josh and Maddie kissing when dancing to Time of My Life is a reference to the end of the movie, when the main characters, Johnny and Baby, do the exact same thing. Josh even lip syncs the lyrics, "Now I've had the time of my life, no I never felt this way before. Yes I sware, it's the truth. And I owe it all to you", to Maddie when they're dancing, which is the exact same thing Johnny does with Baby in that same scene in the film.

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