Birthday-A-Rooney is an episode of Liv and Maddie. The plot involves Jacob's 25th birthday.

Plot Edit

While in Wisconsin Joey and Parker are still grieving that Jacob had left, but Karen hands them the phone. In California Liv prepares a surprise party for Jacob and Maddie is keeping her and Liv's gift hidden from him until his party. Jacob is later seen hanging out with Linda at the Linda and Heather set and Jacob kept reading his script over and over again so he could remember the words. Maddie later calls Linda and tells her Jacob is able to come home now. Later after they arrive home and everyone shouted surprise and about scared Jacob half to death. During the party Jacob opened his present from Maddie and it's a picture that's similar to the one she and Liv made, but it says in-laws forever. Ruby got him a John Cena shirt and a Cleveland Browns football while Liv got him a braclet that says hubby on it.


  • Jacob turns 25 in this episode.
  • Linda kept Jacob out of the house.
  • Pokemon FireRed can be heard.
  • Maddie made Jacob a picture similar to the one Liv and her made.
  • This is the first time where Jacob calls his wife a ding dong.
  • Jacob reveals that since he has been with Liv that she is his favorite person.
  • Its revealed that Jacob is almost 2 years older than Liv, Maddie and Josh
  • Josh and Jacob go to a baseball game, which is Liv's idea to keep Jacob out of the house as a destraction.
  • Liv, Maddie and Josh throw Jacob a surprise party.
  • He calls everyone ding dongs in the room when Liv started singing to Jacob.
  • Josh is good at keeping secrets.

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