Back-A-Rooney is a episode of Liv and Maddie. Josh takes the job offer and moves to LA for six months. Jacob later tries to make a decision to move back to his home state or stay in Wisconsin with his in-laws.

Plot Edit

Josh decides to take the job offer and move to LA for six months to film it, but he wishes his best friend Jacob would have came with him. After Josh and Maddie leave Jacob breaks down into tears because he isn't able to see them for six months. At Voltage Gemma sees Jacob having a hard time adjusting and asks him if he wants the day off and he said he'll try as hard to get into character and not to burst into tears. Back in LA Josh and Maddie arrive at Josh's house and Josh later calls Jacob to see if he is okay and Jacob couldn't answer because he is filming with Liv at Voltage and did not want to be distracted. After work Jacob and Liv head home to rest and Liv gets a call from Maddie and asks if everything is okay and she said everything is and that Jacob is deciding if he should go to LA to film with Josh and Maddie revealed that is what Josh was calling him for and Liv told Maddie he didn't want to get distracted. Later in Liv and Maddie's room is deciding to either go to LA or stay in Wisconsin, but Liv said if he wants to LA she supports him and said she'll go with him and they could stay with her aunt Dena. After Jacob and Liv arrive aunt Dena hugged them both at the same time and remembers Jacob from years ago before Jacob married Liv.


  • Jacob decided to take the job offer and film with Josh.
  • Bad Moon Rising makes an appearance and is sung by Liv at her aunt Dena's house.
  • Josh and Jacob film the movie in between seasons 3 and 4 of Voltage.
  • The title refers to Josh and Liv going back to Los Angles, with Maddie and Josh, and Jacob and Liv moving there for a few months.

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