Anakin and Sherry are husband and wife. They met in elementary school and had crushes on each other for a long time. They started dating after Anakin broke up with Alyson who cheated on him.


Anakin and Sherry met in Green Bay when Sherry moved in to the neighborhood and started elementary school with each other. After Sherry learned about Claire and Alexis dying in the plane crash she went to the funeral for Anakin while he was really upset and she felt so sorry for him after this and after that he and Sherry went their separate ways with Anakin becoming an MMA fighter and attending a autistic high school and Sherry was placed into Ridgewood from her high school. After Anakin's school had shut down he was attending Ridgewood with Sherry. Sherry learned Anakin is dating Alyson causing her heart to be broken and Anakin later finds out Alyson cheated on him so he became Sherry's boyfriend. After graduating high and college the two get married at 19 years old.

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